Casino Del Mar at La Concha San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Located is home to 500-year-old Spanish forts and colonial city San Juan

1077 Ashford Avenue,

San Juan, Puerto Rico  00907


The atmosphere is one of casual elegance, the energy is beyond compare. Located amidst the open lobby of Latino chic La Concha Resort, Casino Del Mar combines a warm hospitality and friendly hotel atmosphere with high energy action designed to excite your senses. Fully in sync with the resort’s über-chic sleek design, presents cutting edge gaming with high-tech slot machines and card tables, amply satisfying high rollers and casual players alike.


Whether it’s yelling “Blackjack!” or hearing “New shooter!” announced, Casino Del Mar has the excitement you’re looking for. We have games and tables to accommodate anyone from first timers to seasoned high rollers. Current Table Games include –

  • Black Jack
  • Three Card Poker-Progressive
  • Roulette with Luminar System & Display
  • EZ Baccarat-Dragon & Panda 8/Craps

Casino Del Mar brings you the most modern and popular Slot Machines in PR. With almost 360 slots with denominations ranging from 1¢ to $25, the possibilities of hitting a Jackpot during your visit are sky-high. Don’t just spin the reels, enjoy the experience.